Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ornament Fairy Doors - #12

Another series of smaller fairy doors as Christmas ornaments.  I think I built 6 of these as gifts.  Again only 3" tall or so.  Balsa construction with copper hardware and wreaths and bows carved from modeling foam.

Fanciful Doors - #13 and #14

I built those two doors as Christmas presents for Jill's nieces.  Both of these doors have a battery operated light in them to act as a night light.  The tree branch and toad stool are carved from modeling foam.  The doors are balsa.  The stained glass windows are clear plastic sheet with sharpee and marker  "stained glass".

Both of these doors also had glow-in-the-dark pixie dust sprinkled into the clear coat.  Unfortunately, it did not photograph well.

 Jill made the flowers in the flower pot and the crystal light fixtures.

Fairy Closet - #15

I built this fairy closet as a present for my youngest son to give to a girl he was sweet on in grade school.  It is the only door I have built so far that has working hinges.

It was meant to be a jewelry box.  Rings would go on the "shoe rack" at the bottom and necklaces would get hung on the wire "coat hangers".

The boxes and mittens are just for decoration.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Barn Door - #16

I built this barn door for my friends, Tom and Carol.  They have a small hobby farm and raise chickens and pigs and such.  Tom used to bring in the best farm fresh eggs for us at work.

This one was fun carving the "stone" foundation from a thicker sheet of balsa and then painting it to look like stone and mortar.

I found the small hay bales at the local hobby store.

Barber Shop Door and Chair - #17

I built this barber door and chair for my friend, Susan, who has been cutting my hair for the last 20 years or so.  The door is balsa.  The awning is a fine woven fabric that I glued to a balsa frame before soaking it with super glueand painting it and hand lettering the name.  The barber pole and chair are carved from modeling foam. 

The "OPEN" sign I printed on the computer and it hangs from a nail in the door.  It has "CLOSED" on the back side and can be flipped around.

The scissors are just cut from ABS plastic sheet and paint detailed.

Fantasy Door on a Carved Tree Branch - #18

This is a commissioned door for my friend Rob.  He wanted it as a present for his daughter.  This is one of my more elaborate doors, not only from the shape of the door, the stained glass window, and the carved foam tree branch, but this one also has a battery operated light inside to act as a night light.

I bought a AA battery box and micro-switch at Radio Shack and wired up a couple of Christmas light light bulbs behind the door.

Christmas Tree Ornament Doors - #19

I have built a couple of sets of Christmas tree ornament fairy doors as gifts.  These were built for Christmas 2009. 

These are really tiny....only about 2-1/2 inches tall.  The doors are all balsa.  I used a small copper nail for the door knob, bits of copper cut for the hinges, and carved the bows from modeling foam.

Makenzie's Fantasy Door - #20

This is the only fairy door I have built that I don't have a picture of or at least can't find a picture of at the moment.  Will update the post when/if I find one.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trap Doors! #21-23

I built 3 different fairy-sized trap doors.  These are approximately 4" square.  All balsa with copper or steel hardware. 

The blue one is for my friends Glenn and Jeannie.  The green one is for my friend Mary and the brown one is the fairies' entrance into our house here in Dearborn.  I have it installed in the ceiling of our porch.

The second and third pictures show the one installed at our house.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Carissa's Door #22

 This is one of my more elaborate and whimsical door built for Jill's friend and classmate, Carissa.

The door and awning are all balsa.  The stone is carved from rigid modeling foam.  It includes a crystal entry light, glass bead stepping stones and wind chimes built by Jill.

It even has a "stained glass" window in the door.

Betty Boop Door #25

Another commissioned door by my good friend Brian Fye for his lovely wife, Shannon.  Obviously she is a fan of Betty Boop.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wine Cellar Door #26

This is a commissioned piece for my good friend Steve Pejka.  He gave it to his aunt as a thank you.  The door is all balsa like the others.  The door hardware and window frame are made from copper sheeting.  The stone work and the grape vines, leaves, and clumps of grapes are carved from rigid modeling foam.

Olmstead Door #27

Of course, I had to have a fairy door on the inside of the house here in Dearborn.  I built this one to match all the other full-size interior doors in the house.  All of the pieces were pre-cut and stained before assembly since the CA glue (super glue) I use to put them together soaks through the wood and affects the stain.

 The door knob is carved from rigid foam and the plate is mat board with a carved keyhole.

 The hinges are made from mat board and carved with a small carbide bur on my dremel tool.  They also match the hinges on the full-size door.

Here you get an idea of where it was installed in the house.

My Mom's Door #28

I also made a door for my mom for Christmas this year.  Door is all balsa.  The flower pot is carved from rigid modeling foam and Jill made the bead flowers.

Shelley's Door #29

 I created this door for my Sister-in-Law Shelley for Christmas in 2011.  She loves to fish.  Fortunately, the faeries that moved in with her also like to fish it seems....

Makenzie and Adisyn's Doors #30a and b

 I built these two doors as Christmas presents for my two nieces, Makenzie and Adisyn, so the faeries will have access to the new house my brother is building.

Makenzie's is the green one to fit in with the jungle motif she wants for her room.

Adi's is the pink one and she wants a pink room with black swirls.

I will have to get pictures once the are installed in the new house.

Outhouse Fairy Door #31

One of my many hobbies is building small Fairy Doors.  I have built over 30 of them so far.  I will post pics of the others soon.

This is my latest one.  It is obviously a Fairy outhouse.  It is built entirely of balsa and paper and cardboard.  It stands approximately 9" tall (about 7/8" to the foot scale) It has screened windows and appropriate reading material, even a Fairy-sized roll of toilet paper.  It is one of the few that I have built that is a complete structure, not just a  facade.