Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jill's Door (#9)

 The yellow and white door is a very special door.  It was one of my Christmas presents to Jill our first Christmas together.  The door is partially open to symbolize how our growing love at the time was opening a whole new world for me and for us together.  The door is completely open on the backside to symbolize the endless possibilities that our relationship brings for both of us.

It now has a place near the fireplace in our shared home in Dearborn.

Volksrods Garage Door and Victorian Door (#10 and #11)

 This pair of doors was really fun.  They are actually Siamesed together..sort of his and hers.  I built them for my good friend Steve Pejka who runs ( website site for folks that like to "hot rod" old VWs)

Side one is the Volksrods Garage side.  Weather old garage door with all kinds of details. 
There is a bottle opener and bottle caps, an old VW hubcap, a Volksrods club plaque, broken windows (even some patched up with an old PBR case. 
There is an old industrial looking light over the door and a weathered tin sign with some bullet holes for good measure.
There is an old beat up roll-up window shade inside the door and a padlock and clasp for security.
 Side 2 is a proper Victorian looking door with wonderful detail in the half circle top and copper hardware. 
For the circular molding, I turned a block of modeling foam on my wood lathe and then cut it in half.  You will see the other off on one of the other doors that I built.