Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Billy Idol Stage Door - #36

 I built this door as a birthday present for our good friend Lynn.  She is a huge Billy Idol and metal fan so this seemed appropriate.  She also rides a motorcycles with her husband Glen so the poster on the door seemed right also.

The posters are just scaled down and printed versions of old concert posters and announcements.
I used the lasers over at TechShop to etch the brick texture into the background.  The "stucco leftovers" are made with lightweight spackling compound.

The door light is hand formed copper with a modeling foam lightbulb. The Stage Door sign is just painted and lettered balsa.

In this overhead shot you can see the depth of some of the elements and the partial manhole cover in the alley.

Round Trap Door - #35

A birthday present for my friend Mary to make sure the fairies can get into her and her husband Frank's new house.

Balsa wood construction with copper hardware and accents.  It is installed in the ceiling of their porch.

I used the knurled jaws of a pair of needle nose pliers to give the copper hardware a hammered look.  The scale looks about right.

Door is approximately 3" or so across.